Role of industrial partners

Industry SME participation in this Network is at the highest possible level. Their presence is essential for providing all round training and complementary experience, techniques and materials. All the SME involved in this proposal will actively contribute to the workshops organised by the Network and will also provide technical support for the Network to allow access to technologies that are not available in the laboratories of the other groups. We believe that the companies selected will enrich the network greatly not only in terms of knowledge and expertise in their field but also for potential future collaborations beyond this ITN.

This ITN has both Full and Associated Partners from industry. Through their participation as full partners, Galapagos BV, GenXPro and DIGNA will contribute to the formation of three ERs, involved in the research subprojects 3, 5 and 6. The full partners will also be active in the training of ESRs, in order to help manage the training programme and specific research lines envisaged. Indeed, they will accept some PhD students for short-time visits. In particular, Dr. Giannelli and Dr. Leporatti labs will collaborate with GenXPro, Dr. ten Dijke lab will collaborate with Galapagos and Antisense Pharma, Dr. Fabregat and Dr. Mikulits labs will collaborate with DIGNA. The associated partner Isarna Therapeutics will participate in the subproject 3, ESR 5, under the supervision of P. ten Dijke and H. van Dam (LUMC), facilitating reagents and evaluating the anti-Sense against TGF-β. Furthermore, all the industrial partnerswill support the network through workshops, seminars and providing compoundsfor experimentation.

Lastly, the active participation of SMEs to the Network will also provide additional assurance in identifying potential protection materials and in developing strategies for commercialisation.